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Who We Are

Our professional, experienced tax professionals have more than 100 years of combined tax preparation experience. We have proudly helped our clients with all their tax needs since we opened for business in 1999.

We offer reasonable pricing and FREE e-filing for tax returns we prepare. Plus, we are happy to offer a referral fee of $15 when satisfied clients refer new clients to us!*

In keeping with the new IRS requirements, all Tax Time Preparers have been certified by the IRS as "Registered Tax Return Preparers." We received this certification by completing the latest tax education, passing the required test and passing review by the IRS. You can continue to feel confident knowing we have the knowledge and experience to help you lower your tax liability for 2018 as much as possible.

What We Do

Tax Time professionals are available year-round to help our clients with a variety of financial service needs, including:

  • Tax Preparation - Personal, Corporate, Partnerships
  • FREE Electronic Filing on Tax returns prepared by Tax Time
  • Bookkeeping
  • Estate and Trust Tax Returns
  • Payroll Services
  • Notary Services
  • Tax Planning for Future Years
  • Receive a check or debit card with a bank product
  • Direct deposit available for tax refunds
  • Tax Time preparation fees may be deducted automatically from your refund

Contact Us

Tax Time is open year-round, hours vary.  Returns are prepared while you wait, by fax, by mail or "drop off."  We recommend that you call ahead for an appointment during tax season (January through April).

Before you come, feel free to download and fill out our Customer Information Form.

Tax Time Income Tax Services, Inc.
1300 Indian Trail Road, Suite 102
Norcross, GA 30093

Office: (770) 921-9881
Fax: (770) 921-9357

Andrea Kennedy  (akennedy@taxtime-ga.com)
Becky Portwood (beckyportwood2002@yahoo.com)
Dana Abernathy (dabernathy@taxtime-ga.com)

*Both the referring client and the new client must have a current tax return prepared by Tax Time professionals in order for the original client to receive the referral fee.

Meet the Tax Time Team

Andrea Kennedy
   “Tax preparation is a lot like a puzzle.  I enjoy the challenge to do the best I can for the client and to try to get them with the least tax liability that falls within the rules and regulations of the IRS.”
   Co-Owner, Andrea Kennedy, began preparing taxes in 1985, just after her youngest daughter started school.  At first, her part-time work provided seasonal money to supplement the family’s income and to fund their annual vacations.  She soon realized she enjoyed the work and, as her two children grew older, her tax work grew into a full-time career.
   In 1999, Andrea and Co-Owner Becky Portwood launched Tax Time Income Tax Services, bringing with them more than three decades of combined tax consulting experience, and a desire to provide their clients with excellent, expert service, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
   Andrea and her husband, Jerry, have two daughters and two grandchildren.

Becky Portwood
   “People think taxes are boring, but I’ve never found that to be true.  I meet so many interesting people and I get so absorbed in the work that often, before I realize it, hours have gone by!”
   In 1982, a friend encouraged Becky Portwood to learn to do taxes.  With small children at home, Becky was looking for a flexible schedule that would allow her to be home when they finished school, yet also would be fulfilling work.  What started as an opportunity to earn extra money has turned into a career Becky is still excited about.
   Today, more than three decades later, Becky is Co-Owner of Tax Time, and still enjoys helping people with their tax filing needs. She and her husband, Andy, have three children and seven grandchildren.

Dana Abernathy
   “The most interesting thing to me about tax preparation and accounting is being able to help people straighten out their stuff.  I like helping people keep from paying any taxes they don’t owe!” 
   Dana Abernathy came to Tax Time in January 2013.  Since his college days, Dana has done the taxes, bookkeeping, accounting and other financial aspects for himself, others and the two successful businesses he developed.  After he retired from his full-time career, Dana says he was getting restless at home, until Andrea and Becky invited him to add his more than four decades of experience to their organization.
   Dana and his wife, Joyce, have four children and five grandchildren.